What to Know About Buying a Used Car in Georgetown, TX

See Our Friendly Tips & Save the Headache

Here at our new Subaru dealership in Georgetown, TX, we see a lot of customers coming to check out our selection of used vehicles, and we understand the appeal. Pre-owned Subaru models like the Crosstrek, Outback, Forester, WRX, and Legacy are long-lasting and hold their value, and bringing one home doesn't have to be headache-inducing. Use our guide to buying used cars to help you make the right decision for you.

When shopping for used cars near you, consider these things:

  • What can you afford? It does no good to shop for a $20,000 car if you can only afford one for $14,000.
  • How much will you be putting down? Most of the time, a down payment can make the lenders give you a thumbs up, even if your credit is less than ideal.
  • Speaking of credit, know your score and history. Being aware of what you're working with will minimize your surprise at the financing table. This means the difference of having an excellent credit score and getting 6% APR or having a poor score and having a 20% APR.
  • Will you need references? It pays to be prepared in case.
  • Speaking of preparation, having your proof of insurance, residency, and income will all help you to be ahead of the game.

Questions? Feel free to see our FAQ buying used car page, and if the answer isn't there, contact us for support. We're always happy to field your questions.

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