Guide to Buying a Used Car in Austin, TX

Interested in Purchasing a Used Car? Here's What's to Know!

Buying a used car or SUV doesn't have to be a scary experience, especially when you have our team here at Subaru of Georgetown in your corner. We want the process to go smoothly, and we work hard to ensure you drive home in the model that makes the most sense for your lifestyle and budget. When you buy a used car, there are a lot of things to consider beyond how much you can afford, and we're happy to be there to help you make heads or tails of it all. Making the time to compare Subaru sports cars to others in the segment is another key to ensuring you take home the perfect fit for your lifestyle, and our team has done the work for you. Drivers can rest assured when purchasing a used vehicle from the Pre-Owned Program at Subaru of Georgetown.


Reasons Why Georgetown, TX. Shoppers Choose a Pre-Owned Vehicle from Subaru of Georgetown

There was once a time when shoppers felt nervous about buying a used car. With the arrival of Subaru of Georgetown, that time has long since passed. Shoppers love our pre-owned vehicles because of the quality, reliability, comfort, and safety. Additionally, after experiencing our world-class service, there's no surprise that Subaru of Georgetown is your home for great used vehicles. 


Consider the old adage, When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Now take that and flip it on its head. To avoid life's lemons, shop for a used car from Subaru of Georgetown. Yes. We took a few liberties, but the saying holds true.

The quality of our pre-owned inventory is second to none. Whether you're interested in an outstanding used Subaru, which sports one of the greatest quality reviews in the industry, or you're going a different route. We have a wide range of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans that will fit any lifestyle and nearly any budget. Make the most out of your next shopping experience with a used vehicle that breathes life into the roads. Choose Subaru of Georgetown and embrace a better shopping experience.


There's something to be said about waking up knowing your vehicle is ready for anything that comes its way. Our highly trained Subaru mechanics go the extra mile to ensure you drive home in a reliable used car. You can't let car trouble slow you down in this fast-paced world. Drive with confidence in a used vehicle from Subaru of Georgetown.

Although great reliability comes standard. We understand that road wear will eventually set in. Fortunately, you have the Service Center at Subaru of Georgetown. Our experts have the knowledge, skills, tools, and parts to keep your vehicle challenging the roads for miles to come.


Sit back and relax in a vehicle that makes you feel at ease. You deserve a comfortable ride that feeds your soul. You'll get that and more when choosing one of our pre-owned models. Whether you're running errands alone, going on a road trip with your crew, or making moves with your favorite two- or four-legged companions, everyone can enjoy the comfort that only a great used vehicle offers.

Leave your mark on the roads and enhance your comfort and enjoyability when you accessorize your used car. Shop online or visit our dealership to discover the accessories that suit your needs and aesthetics. Make every ride your own in a used SUV, truck, car, or van from Subaru of Georgetown.


Your safety is of paramount importance. Our used Subaru models offer fantastic safety features, such as our EyeSight® Driver Assist technologies. Additionally, because love went into making every Subaru vehicle, you can drive confidently, enjoying the peace of mind that only a great vehicle can offer.

Don't settle for less than you deserve. Peace of mind comes standard when you drive a used vehicle from Subaru of Georgetown. Your family and friends will thank you.

Used Car Buying FAQ

Which Used Car Brand Should I Buy?

We are partial to our selection of used Subaru cars and SUVs in Georgetown, TX because the brand holds its value well and are often seen running the roads with well over 200,000 miles on the odometer. Other quality options are our selection of used Toyota models or Pre-Owned Ford vehicles.

Do Used Car Dealers Sell Lemons? How Can I Be Sure I'm Getting a Quality Model?

Each used vehicle we carry on our lot has been carefully inspected by our Subaru service center in Georgetown, TX to ensure it meets our high standards for quality. We never sell a product that we believe to be subpar or unworthy of our customers, and you can rely on us to go the distance to ensure your satisfaction and needs are met.

Can a Used Car Be Leased?

Used cars are only eligible for auto loans, since a lease refers to a brand-new model. With a lease, you're getting a new car every few years when your lease ends, but with a used Subaru auto loan, you either own it outright when the loan is paid, or you trade it in for another model using that vehicle towards the final value of your new vehicle.

What Are My Available Financing Terms? How Long Should I Have a Loan?

In many cases, you can finance your used car for up to 84 months, with a 72-month and 60-month loan being rather popular in Georgetown, TX. When considering these options, take into account how much your APR will be over these months, then give thought to keeping the loan at a reasonable length to avoid paying too much in interest over the life of the loan.

What Should I Look for in a Used Car?

When shopping for a pre-owned car or SUV near you, consider what model suits your overall lifestyle. A driver interested in commuting solo might not need an eight-passenger minivan in Georgetown, TX, while a driver who needs to seat six won't want to look at vehicles that cannot accommodate this many passengers. Next, look at the features. Do you have a list of features that your next used vehicle must have? Knowing what your dealbreakers are is key to finding the right vehicle. Next, you'll want to consider how much you can afford, which is where your credit score and down payment comes into play, but don't forget to factor in tax, if applicable. At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide how used Subaru cars compare to others on the market.

What Are My Used Car Down Payment Options?

We accept cash or credit/debit cards, as long as the Mastercard or Visa logo is on the card. How much you put down depends on your credit, the vehicle chosen, and what you feel you can afford at the time.

What Should I Expect When Buying a Used Car?

Once you've taken a test drive and decided which car you'd like to bring home, our financing team will require a few things from you:

  • Proof of residency to establish that you live where you say you do.
  • The title of your current vehicle, but if you are still paying on a loan, we can reach out to the company who is financing your loan and speak with them. Having your payoff amount is always helpful when negotiating.
  • Your driver's license is a must-have when buying a used car
  • Proof of insurance
  • Know your credit score and history - this will determine your APR and down payment amount
  • Have money for a down payment
  • A list of references in case the lenders want one

Are Used Car Prices Falling?

While used cars are already priced affordably, there has been a drop in their price recently. There are a lot of reasons for this trend, but due to this, you can take advantage of better prices than ever right here in Georgetown, TX.

Are Used Car Prices Negotiable?

Absolutely! We expect some haggling when the time comes to discuss paying for your next used vehicle, and that's why many cars are priced accordingly. When you look at the KBB value of a vehicle, there is a specific price range it will offer for the vehicle, and that takes into account that you'll be working to finance your vehicle on your terms.

Which Used Car Should I Buy?

There are many answers to this question, and it depends on your taste and budget. When you compare Subaru models to other used cars on our lot, you'll see a big difference in their overall quality and price. You can take the time to compare Subaru SUVs to the competition right here on our website so you can save time before your test drive.

Why Buy Used Car from Dealer?

When you buy your used car or SUV from us, you're getting the benefit of knowing that our Subaru service center has taken the care to inspect each model and replace any of the parts that may be required. If there were open recalls, they've been taken care of here at our service center, and setting up your service appointment can be done easily on our website.

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