Drive Electric with Subaru of Georgetown

Plug In with the EV Future by Learning More About Subaru Electric Vehicles

Daily driving around Austin and Georgetown should be efficient and eco-friendly. With a Subaru electric vehicle, it can be. Learn all the ins and outs of electrification and electric vehicles with Subaru of Georgetown. Soon, the 2023 Subaru Solterra will arrive in Texas, kicking off Subaru's EV lineup. As more Subaru hybrids and pure electric vehicles are revealed, you can get yours from our Subaru dealership in Georgetown, TX.

Benefits of Buying an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are surging in popularity because they offer a wide variety of benefits, ranging from fuel savings to a smaller carbon footprint. If you're eager to learn more about the exciting perks that you can enjoy when you drive a Subaru EV, we invite you to explore our overview and connect with our team of Subaru experts to learn more about how you can get the most out of your EV experience.

Zero Emissions

Tailpipe emissions are nothing to worry about when you drive an EV. There's no tailpipe! Since an EV doesn't use gasoline or need oil changes, it offers a much cleaner drive that offers you a spectacular experience behind the wheel while helping you protect the environment.

Tax Incentives

If you own a Subaru EV, you may have options for local or state tax incentives. Our team can walk you through incentives that you can take advantage of, so please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.

Fuel Savings

One of the major EV perks is fuel savings. EVs rely solely on electricity, meaning that you can say goodbye to those costly gas stops. Charging an EV is generally much less expensive than filling up a gas tank, so choosing an EV is a good move if you're looking to spend less on fuel. Charging is easy, too. You can charge up at home or use one of the thousands of charging stations nationwide to recharge your battery and keep moving.

Easier Maintenance

EVs still need regular services like tire rotations and brake maintenance, but they're much easier to maintain than the typical gas-powered vehicle. Since there's no internal combustion engine to worry about, there are few moving parts to take care of during your service visits. That means that you don't have to worry about things like oil changes, which can make servicing your car easier, faster, and less expensive.

Discover the All-New Subaru Solterra - Coming Soon to Texas & Subaru of Georgetown


Subaru's first-ever electric SUV is ready for its big reveal! Ahead of its release date, be sure to reserve the 2023 Subaru Solterra through Subaru of America. Then select our Subaru dealership in Georgetown, TX as your pick-up spot.

This all-electric SUV is adventurous and versatile and can travel over 220 miles on Texas highways before recharging. The Subaru Solterra, nicknamed for Sun and Earth in Latin, offers all-around awareness technologies, advanced aerodynamics, adventure-ready cargo space, Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, and much more. Reserve the all-new Subaru Solterra today!

Solterra Retailer Reservation Opportunity

Subaru Solterra Trim Options


  • Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive
  • 8.3 inches of Ground Clearance
  • X-MODE and Hill Ascent/Descent Assist
  • StarDrive Zero-Emissions All-Electric    Drivetrain
  • EyeSight Driver Assist Technology 
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Blind-Spot Monitoring


Includes all Premium features and adds:

  • Heated Front/Rear Seats
  • StarTex-Trimmed Upholstery
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • 12.3-inch Multimedia System with Wireless    Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™    Integration
  • Cloud-based Navigation and Voice    Assistant Capability
  • Wireless Device Charging
  • Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror with    Homelink®
  • Harman Kardon® Premium Audio Speakers
  • 360-degree Surround-View Camera

  • Touring

    Includes all Limited features and adds:

    • Glass Roof with Dual Retractable    Sunshades
    • Ventilated Front Seats
    • Display Rearview Auto-dimming Mirror
    • Interior Illuminated Trim
    • Available Two-Tone Roof Paint

    Electric Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the different types of electric vehicles?

    A: Pure Electric (Available In 1 Model): Subaru Solterra: All-electric vehicles, abbreviated as EVs, run on pure electric power. They pair a rechargeable battery with electric motors. They provide Round Rock drivers with expansive range while producing zero emissions. Plug-In Hybrid (More Subaru PHEVs to Be Released at a Later Date): Plug-In Hybrid vehicles go by PHEVs for short. These two-in-one powertrains switch between electricity and gasoline for power, helping Texas drivers minimize their carbon footprint.Hybrid(More Subaru Hybrids to Be Released at a Later Date):Hybrid cars offer are more fuel efficient than models that rely on internal combustion engines. They have hybrid powertrains and offer regenerative braking for high fuel economy ratings between Austin and Georgetown.

    Q: How can I recharge my Subaru EV and where do I do it?

    A: A Level 1 or Level 2 charger works well for at-home charging in your Pflugerville garage. The Solterra comes with a Level 1 charger, and a Level 2 charger can be professionally installed at your Texas home. You can also recharge at public charging stations around Texas with a Level 3 DC fast charger.

    Q: Does the Subaru Solterra take long to recharge?

    A: Level 1 or Level 2 charging can replenish the car's battery range to a full charge overnight. Public charging stations utilizing Level 3 charging can recharge 80 percent of the electric vehicle's battery in under an hour.

    Q: How far can I travel in the Subaru Solterra before recharging?

    A: With pure electric power for more than 220 miles, the Subaru Solterra can take you from Austin to Waco or San Antonio before recharging!

    Q: If the Solterra is the lineup's first EV, when is Subaru revealing other electric vehicles?

    A: The Subaru Solterra introduces the brand's EV lineup, and there are more electrified models expected to join the Solterra in the next few years. Subaru of Georgetown will be the first to let Round Rock drivers know about other Subaru hybrids and EVs coming soon to Texas.

    Find Charging Stations Around Austin & Georgetown, TX

    Your Subaru EV or PHEV needs to recharge. This can be done at your Taylor, TX home or on the go at public charging stations around Austin, Georgetown, and Round Rock. Level 3 DC Fast Chargers at public charging stations across Texas can recharge up to 80 percent of your Subaru's battery in one hour. Learn more about charging stations for your Subaru electric vehicle.